Lots of online programs claim they improve Working Memory and Attention
-so –
Why should you choose Cogmed?

COGMED is backed by peer reviewed, published and fully independent studies.
COGMED training includes free coaching and technical support,
COGMED compliance and success rates are above 80%. (Pearson,2013)

Working Memory is the search engine of the brain or the brain’s post-it notes.
Working Memory is associated with reading comprehension and mathematics Working Memory is part of the Executive Functioning system in the brain.
Executive Skills make one an independent learner. Executive Skills include:
• Planning
• Attention
• Organizing Tasks
• Perseverance
• Self-Monitoring
An independent learner possessing excellent Executive Skills

Neuroplasticity (the brain that changes itself) is what makes Cogmed Working Memory training possible.
Repeated intensive COGMED training causes the brain to physically change.
Working Memory generalizes to other cognitive abilities and behavior.

Many programs have anecdotal results
Anecdotal results are not enough for informed consumers
Over 39 published Cogmed Studies have been peer reviewed and published
Fully independent studies at prestigious institutions
• Harvard
• Notre Dame
• Duke
• Johns Hopkins

Research findings about COGMED:
• The key to attention and learning is Working Memory
• Working Memory can be improved using COGMED
• COGMED can improve Working Memory at ALL age levels


• FMRI/PET scans, neuropsychological testing, and rating scales show
Improved Working Memory generalizes to behavioral improvement and is sustained over time

Are you or do you know someone who tries mightily to succeed. Do you find the struggle frustrating and SUCH hard work? It’s as though one is running a race in cement shoes, working at 150% simply to stay even. You fear falling behind and not measuring up.
Don’t’ get discouraged and down on yourself.
COGMED has a program to help no matter your age. Try It!

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